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Video – 4 Amazing Benefits of Ductless Units

November 25, 2023
Video - 4 Amazing Benefits of Ductless Units. Man on laptop sitting under ductless air conditioning system.

Ductless systems, also known as mini-splits, provide heating and cooling without traditional air ducts. They are much simpler to install than a central HVAC system and offer other advantages as well.

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Going Ductless

June 16, 2023
a man and woman sitting on a couch with a laptop.

Mini splits are an excellent option to explore if you want an alternative to traditional air conditioners, furnaces, or heat pumps. Going ductless is a smart investment that benefits your home long-term, potentially for decades.

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Video – Choose a Ductless System for Your Home Remodel

April 27, 2023
technician installing ductless system.

When adding on to your home or converting a room to a living area, a ductless system could be your best option.

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Video – Why Are Ductless Units So Popular Right Now?

March 28, 2023
A woman's hand holding a remote which is being used to turn on the ductless mini split system that is mounted on the wall in her living room.

Homeowners in Europe and Asia have used ductless mini splits systems to heat and cool their homes for decades. But in recent years, an increasing number of American households have adopted the same technology.

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Ductless Mini Splits For Comfortable and Healthy Living

December 14, 2022
Image of someone using remote on ductless system. Ductless Mini Splits For Comfortable and Healthy Living.

Your home is a place for rest and relaxation. Heating and cooling is a big part of that equation—but so is indoor air quality (IAQ).

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Planning to Remodel? Go Ductless?

November 15, 2022
Image of a ductless system above a couch. Planning to remodel? Go ductless!

You probably already know about the advantages of ductless heating and cooling systems—and how they can significantly lower your Littleton home’s carbon footprint while improving your indoor air quality (IAQ).

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