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If you have a serious emergency that involves a possible gas leak, see below:

If you suspect a gas leak, get to a safe location and call Xcel Energy at 800-895-4999 or call 911.  See additional emergency information below.

If a gas leak is found, Xcel may need to temporarily shut off your gas supply until repairs can be made.  Call us at 303-522-9597 to schedule repair service once the emergency is resolved.


Know what to do in case of a gas leak or outage:

Natural gas is reliable and safe when used properly and equipment is properly maintained and inspected by a qualified contractor.

Learn to recognize a natural gas leak

If you suspect a leak, immediately call Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-4999 or 911 in an emergency.

Use your senses to recognize a potentially dangerous natural gas leak:

Smell: Natural gas is odorless except for the harmless odorant we add to help you detect a leak. The added odorant, called mercaptan, has a sulfur-like smell, similar to a rotten-egg.

Hear: A leak may produce a noise that ranges from next to nothing to a slight hissing or blowing sound to a loud roar - depending on the leak's size and pressure.

See: A leak may cause dust, dirt, or debris to fly, or create blowing or continuous bubbling movement in water. It also can cause a spot of dead or discolored vegetation in an otherwise green area.

Know how to respond to a natural gas leak

When an odor is persistent or seems to be everywhere, or it seems to linger longer than normal for your appliance's operation, these could be signs of a gas leak inside your home or with an outside line.

Upon detecting such an odor, immediately get everyone out of your home or building, move a safe distance away and then call for help. Because an electric spark can ignite an explosion, remember to follow these tips:

  • Do not turn on or turn off electrical switches.
  • Avoid using electric appliances such as garage door openers or telephones of any type.
  • Do not start up or shut down motor vehicles or any other electrical equipment.
  • Do not strike a match. Avoid open flames or other ignition sources.
  • Move to a location a safe distance away from your home when the odor is outdoors.
  • Call Xcel Energy at 800-895-4999 or 911 in an emergency.
  • Stay away until Xcel Energy or the emergency responders have told you it's safe to return.

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