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Video – Upgrade Your Furnace

December 23, 2021
upgrade your furnace to stay warm this winter

Upgrade your furnace for increased energy efficiency and heating cost reduction.

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Video – Why Does My Heat Pump Smell Like It’s Burning?

November 23, 2021
woman frowning because her heat pump smells

You turn on your heat pump, and you smell something burning. What should you do? Who should you call first, the fire department or your HVAC technician?

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Video – Indoor air quality is important to your family’s health and well being

October 27, 2021
family enjoying their indoor air quality together

Air quality in your home is important to your family’s health. Having the right humidity levels, changing your filters regularly and installing air-cleaning or filtration systems like UV lights and air scrubbers.

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Video – What Is a Heat Pump?

September 29, 2021
animated heat pump and house

A heat pump is a device that transfers heat from one place to another, from inside your home to outside or from outside to inside.

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Video – Does Indoor Air Quality Affect My Pet?

August 26, 2021
small dog with red collar inside house

Protect your pets from indoor air pollution by changing your air filters regularly.

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Video – Energy Saving Tip 1

July 27, 2021
BBQ grill with food

It is no secret that your oven will toast your house up and cooking on a cold day is nice sometimes, but on a hot day it will warm your house up in an unnecessary way. Try to utilize the opportunity you might have to cook outside.

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Video – Stay Cool During the Summer

June 28, 2021
Dog hanging out of car window with sunglasses

Schedule a clean-check today.

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Video – Do I Need to Schedule a Maintenance Appointment?

May 26, 2021
HVAC tech talking with woman

Regularly scheduled maintenance can help you catch symptoms of bigger problems before they become an issue for your business. Catching symptoms of trouble early on can keep your units working efficiently and safely as long as possible.

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Video – Is your AC making scary noises?

April 26, 2021

Is your AC making scary noises? Call us today! We can help!

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Video – Keep Clean Air During Your Time at Home

March 30, 2021
family hanging out the living room

Keeping clean air circulating your home is very especially important due to more time spent at home. Contact us today for more information.

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Video – Which Air Quality Equipment Should I Install?

February 15, 2021
video - which air quality equipment should I install?

Indoor air quality is on everyone’s mind but how do you know what equipment is right for your home?

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Video – Check Your Furnace Pilot Light

January 31, 2021
check your furnace pilot light

Your furnace may be blowing cold air because the pilot light has gone out. Call us at 303-522-9597 or request service online to have it properly fixed. This is indicative of a bigger problem that requires professional help.

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Video – Summer AC Check Up

June 29, 2020
summer hot weather ac air conditioning maintenance

Time for an air conditioning tune-up! Schedule a clean-and-check maintenance appointment today.

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Video – When Do I Need to Replace My Air Conditioner?

April 28, 2020
replace ac unit

The central air conditioning system is a simple pleasure of everyday life. Your home should be a place where you can relax. On a hot day, cool air is essential to your relaxation. If you take good care of your air conditioner with annual inspections and monthly filter swaps, it should last 10 to 15 years.

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Video – What is Carbon Monoxide?

February 10, 2020

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous, odorless, tasteless gas. It is formed by the incomplete combustion of carbon, or the incomplete burning of natural gas and other things that contain carbon. It can often be mixed with other gasses with odors. Carbon monoxide can result from the burning of any of these, gasoline, kerosene, oil, propane,…

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Video – Replace Your Air Filter

January 17, 2020

Change your HVAC filters regularly, as recommended, which is usually at least every three months. A good HEPA filter will catch the particles before they reach your lungs. There’s so much floating in the air our eyes can’t see, and changing your filter as recommended makes all the difference. Quality West Heating & Cooling 5306…

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Video – Facts About Humidity

December 10, 2019

Keep your home cool by learning about what causes humidity and the effects of it in your Littleton home. Quality West Heating & Cooling 5306 S. Bannock Street #1 Littleton, CO 80120 303-522-9597

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Video – Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

November 15, 2019
Furnace blowing cold air

There are a few things to check in your home in the case that your furnace is blowing cold air, such as your thermostat settings, air filter, and your home’s ductwork. If you can’t figure out the issue, give us a call at 303-522-9597 and we will inspect your furnace. Quality West Heating & Cooling

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